2 Reasons for Green Interior Design

Why should I bother investing in green design?
• Human Health
There are additives in our home decor products, and in our buildings themselves, that cause health issues. Companies are not required to label these products’ ingredients like much of the food industry is, so consumers often do not even know what toxins they are bringing into their offices and homes. Consumers have a small, expensive pool of vendors to pick from when they do embark on the task of purchasing actually-green products and services.  By purchasing our interior design products from those companies that are being mindful of human health, we can change that.
• Planet Longevity
The products and processes involved in the transporting, assembling, installing and finishing of the built environment fixtures and furnishings that we buy and use today are largely chosen from outdated and inefficient plans that are unnecessarily detrimental to the earth.  It is exciting to contribute to those that are choosing more beneficial paths.

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