CL Designs’ Spring 2019 Interior Styling and Design Tips

Renewing your space for spring is beneficial at whatever point in this time of year that feels right for you! I find that starting at about the first thaw allows for the most enjoyment of what the season has to offer, but I suggest going at a pace that accounts for the chilly remnants of winter.

Here are some more things to keep in mind:

1.) Focus on the accessories…

– Edit your decor and leave room for future finds.

– Arrange accents like bright ceramic or glass vases in your vignettes instead of the candles you may have had available to supplement your lighting during the long nights of winter.

– Find pretty entryway rugs that are durable enough to withstand frequent, muddy footsteps.

– Replace dark throw pillow covers or other interchangeable fabrics in the house for those that offer more invigorating colors or patterns.

– Real plants are always an easy way to bring new life into your home, and hyacinths, lilacs and crocuses are classic symbols of spring. For added benefits, Barberton daisies, peace lilies and red-edged dracaena not only look beautiful, but also counteract chemicals like formaldehyde that can be common in our interiors.

2.) PAST spring decor trends:

– Multiple brass fixtures

– Woven art

– Pantone Ultra Violet

– Ombre

– Nautical accents

3.) CURRENT/2019 spring decor trends:

– Eco-conscious picks 

– Vintage lighting

– Handmade pieces

– A nod to Art Deco

– Green textiles

  • Fashion and design industry experts update their styles for the seasons, and share their favorites. But, ultimately, it becomes a personal choice for those updating their own spaces.

4.) To approach this on a budget:

– Sell items that no longer work in your home as part of the editing process mentioned above

– Focus on bringing nature in through newly-sown seeds and blooming bulbs

– Save money, long term, by investing in lasting materials

– Add small touches of wood, stone and clay for their tactile qualities

– Artfully display your fresh fruit and vegetables

5.) Use the following items to renew your workspace this spring season:

– Full-spectrum light bulbs

– Energizing palettes

– Living walls

– Appealing task lamps

– Florist’s chrysanthemums or other purifying flower cutting

 6.) How to repurpose items in your home for Spring 2019:

– Reorganize your permanent decorations or artwork to create an exhilarating space

– Have your favorite lightweight linens sewn into supplemental, wispy window treatments

– Use small, heavy items, like vintage architectural detail pieces, as paperweights for those breezy Duluth days when your windows are open

– Tap into your personal photo collection and frame and display those that remind you of spring

– To go beyond accessories, trade your wintry indoor side or coffee tables for your coordinating teak, metal or other versatile material outdoor versions until the weather allows those outside tables to be placed back on the patio

7.) A few spring decorating no-nos:

– Faux foliage, since it lacks the natural vitality that spring brings

– Impersonal designs, as they can begin to feel like clutter in our spaces

Gina Jacobson

Owner/Interior Designer
CL Designs
Green Interiors that Fit.