Mid-Summer 2019 Interior Design Tips

Above: CL Designs’ Photograph

• Real plants are always an easy way to bring new life into your home, and allium, cone flowers, and Virginia bluebells fit the bill in Minnesota summers. For added benefits, snake plants and Boston ferns not only look beautiful, but also counteract chemicals like formaldehyde that can be common in our interiors, and are native plants to Minnesota.

• Fill bright ceramic or glass vases with summer blooms; add even larger jugs for freshly-cut branches and leaves.

• Choose a light entryway rug that is less patterned than your mud-resistant spring version.

• Keep throw pillow covers with invigorating colors and lines and bring in more crisp, cool colors, as well.

• Bring in nature through the view outdoors to a garden scene you have cultivated.

• Invest in lasting materials like metal indoor/outdoor tables and versatile plant containers.

• Focus, broadly, on movement, openness and cross-breezes in your interiors. These are always emblematic of summer.

• Artfully display your umbrellas, wellies, raincoats and delicate shoes with chests, artisanal hooks and wooden sandal racks.

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