Fall 2019 Interior Design Tips

Featured photograph: Full-Service Interior Design Plan Board and Design by Gina Jacobson, CL Designs, mixing a fresh flower arrangement with calming furnishings and fixtures for the mild-to-cooler months. Visit CL Designs’ Full-Service Seasonal Residential Interior Design services page here, or find Full-Service Seasonal Commercial Interior Design services here.

Having pared down our interiors for the freshness of spring, then cultivated the outdoors for summer, it’s time to enjoy the harvest. Here are some tips on how:

Celebrate the lighter colors that the season brings for a fresh look in September. 
Summer squash, multicolored carrots, corn and potatoes are great inspiration right now.

Those velvety, rich-colored accessories and tablecloths can also easily make their way back into your living and working areas for the extra comfort they naturally add.

Keep some outdoor living areas furnished for that “golden hour” when the air and light is just right to start a fire.

Focus on the fireplaces, indoors and out. Store the indoor fireplace screen and add some accessories.

Add throw blanket storage area and warm lighting to your more sparse summer seating areas.

Fall is a great time to transition the outdoors from party-central to cozy by the fire, and the indoors from cool and calm to energizing for gatherings and parties.

Entertaining staples for the indoors, like ample seating, and special glasses and dishware are primed to take center stage in the interior of your home or work space again.

Fall 2019 Necessities
Fire irons
Favorite vases, in various sizes
Lanterns, indoors and out
Decorative storage for throw blankets and Pillows
Blooming, native flowers

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