Shelter-in-a-Place You Love: CL Designs’ Spring 2020 Guide to Home Interior Design & Styling

Kitchens and Baths: Use durable, nontoxic products like stone, steel, wood, and glass to stay even healthier while sheltering-in-place. These materials can be part of appliances, countertops, finishes, fixtures, and even accessories.

Home Offices: Maximize storage space in home workspaces using woven baskets, wooden boxes, and artisanal ceramics. Store on surfaces, decoratively layer larger pieces in corners or place on open shelving to create more closed container areas.

Common Areas: Create a layout that maximizes traffic flow, conversation space, and access to everyday items, like electronics, books, and games. Consider organizing with hidden storage for pillows, throw blankets, and remotes.

Bedrooms: Emphasize the rejuvenating aspects of this room, like the view of a fireplace, favorite piece of artwork, or of the outdoors, and add some luxurious fabrics and lighting! Try keeping the bedroom for sleeping and relaxing only, not turning it into an office or workout room (even though most of the other rooms in the house are multi-use).

Outdoor Living Spaces: Bring interior comforts, like accessories for morning coffee and after-dinner drinks, outside! Additionally, furnish your deck, patio or fire pit area with green products like recycled furniture made from metal, natural fibers, or wood.



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